The Kanawha Alumni Association Banquet

                                                                      May 24, 2008



     The Kanawha Alumni Association held the annual Banquet on May 24, 2008.    The meeting was called to order by President   David Parmer.   The 2008 Seniors from Braxton County High School inducted into the Association were:   Caitlin Brown, Shayne Butler, Kenny Henline, Shawnna Pritt, Brittany Ratcliff and Casey Strader.   Also taking the oath to become an honorary member was Tonya Nicholson Shaver, Class of 1990 and Sharon Armentrout Weaver, Class of 1962.
      The Kanawha Alumni Association Scholarships were awarded to Kenny Henline and Shawanna Pritt.  
       The Alumni Association also wishes to thank the Bud Mick Foundation for the scholarships awarded to alumni members in the sum of $4,000.   The Bud Mick scholarship recipients were Caitlin Brown, Dustin Crutchfield, Brittany Ratcliff and Casey Strader.  
       Receiving the 2008 Alumnus of the Year awarded were Keith Dancy and Sharrey Perrine Craig.  
       The oldest man to attend was William H. Beall, Class of 1933 and oldest woman to attend was Mildred I. Brown, Class of 1937. 
      Officers for 2008-2009 year are:   President—David Parmer, Vice-President—Larry Wine,   Secretaries—Paul Peck and Margret Wilson Willey,   Treasurers—Shirley Singleton Lloyd and Cherry Dale Ratliff Ramsey.
       The Kanawha Alumni Association wishes to particularly thank Sandy Burgett Conrad of Orlando for her kind generosity in engraving vases and glassware auctioned following the business meeting.   The alumni association also thanks Rose Crutchfield, Margret Ann Willey, Charles Lloyd, Cora Bell Hamilton Bonestreet, Carol Dean, Iverna Bough, Jim Beall (deceased) and Bill Stewart, WVU football coach, who donated an autographed football for the alumni auction. The auction proceeds amounted to $1,101, which will be used for future scholarships for alumni members.

        There were 254 people who attended. They are as follows:   Harvey Hoover, Loretta Hoover, Kenneth Pratt, Wanda Kuhl Pratt, Jo Heater, Skip Heater, John Burgette, Grace Flint, Betty Pritt, Mary Alice McHenry Kaufman, Jack Kaufman, Bill Beckner, Neil Beckner, Jerry Brown, Paul Peck, Margret Wilson Willey, Larry Wine, Dawn Wine, Shirley Singleton Lloyd, Charles Lloyd, Don Conrad, Donna Conrad, Russell McClain, Ronnie Singleton, Hilda Singleton, Jean Stout, Marvin Cobb, Margurite Ratliff Cobb, Robert Traugh, Helen Traugh, Maxine Freeman Coburn, Betty Graybill, Norman Graybill, Fred Kuhn, Bonnie Mick Kuhn, Jerry Bragg, Patty Conrad Bragg, Rita Riffle Miller, Louis Miller, Terry L. Kelley, William Pritt, Forrest McNemar, Mildred McNemar,   Patricia Linger Trainer, Paul L. Stewart, Marlene Smith Stewart, Clarence H. Hamilton, Corabelle Hamilton Bonestell, Kathleen McPherson Sweitzer, Charles Sweitzer, Ann Mattison, Dwane Mattison, Mary Crutchfield, Ruby A. Rogers Crutchfield, Ronald Smith, Jo Ann Bosley Smith, Kenneth Pulliam, Betty Graff Pulliam, Mary Heater Wagner, Dianna Wagner, William McKnight, Patricia Kuhl McKnight, James L. Godfrey, Susie Godfrey, Harry Jr. Brown, Mildred I. Harper Brown, Corene Stump Carey, Jean Stump Garber, Irene Stump White, James Nelson Carter, Kathleen Carter, Vivianne Hefner, Sandra Baker Shehan, Harry Shehan, Michael D. Morrison, Charles J.T. Wilson, William Wiant, Norma Pritt, Joanna Barnette Henthorne, Mary Moran Bush, Ann Kelley Redcliff, Stanton Bud Redcliff, Shanda Marsh Casto, Gail Smith, Dixie McCauley, India Keener, Mary Grose Armentrout, Bonnie Brown Neal, Margaret Boozer, Jack Smith, Linda Smith, Luella Smith Strader, Roger Bellows, Betty Fleming Brown, David Parmer, Barbara Jeffries Parmer, Laura Linger Yeager, Nancy Dean Soho, Dana Conrad, Sharrey Perrine Craig, Steve Craig, Jerry Kelley, Mary McPherson Kelley, Robert Kelley, Byron E. McKnight, Dolores McKnight, Margaret Wine Tindall, Iverna Bouch, Joan Wiant Fields, Robert Graff, Carolyn Pulliam Graff, Karen Westfall Keys, Richard Keys, Jerry Brooks, Diana Bowser, Charles Lane Conrad, Darrell Brown, Sherri Weidemoyer Brown, Nancy Mulhare, William H. Beall, Joy Hendrixon, Laurel Wine Martin, John Armentrout, Margaret Bragg Armentrout, Mabel Wine, Frank Posey, Betty Posey, Lowell Swisher, Russell Westfall, Pat Westfall, Harry W. Vankirk, Vicky Vankirk, Shirley Jean Nicholson, Paul Crutchfield, Gary Crutchfield, Maxine Straley Waldeck, Emogene Wine Blake, Bernard Blake, Clifford Ray Strader, Jean Strader, Gentalee Steele Blake, Robert Jack, Billy Ray Ware, Ann Shearer, Alfred Eugene Parish, Mary E. Brown, Betty Carson, Ruth Knight Ricci, Howard Ricci, Barbara Duncan Hefner, Wallace H. Hefner, Jr., Denzil Stilwell, Ellen Lynch Stilwell, Lawrence Losh, Loretta McBee, Brenda Edmondson, Darrell Edmondson, Robert Singleton, Betty Singleton, Jackie Witzgall Holbrook, Doughlas Holbrook, Pauline McCauley Zeigler, Sylvia Jean Barnette Barath, Shirley Conrad Toms, Carrie Cayton, Leroy G. Wine, Marion Jeffries, Billy Singleton, Donna Conrad Singleton, Beulah Conrad Ford, Richard Heavner, Paul W. Bragg, Dean Townsend Grooms, Robert Grooms, Charlotte McIntyre Sears, Eric Sears, Homer Brown, Sara McIntyre Brown, Jo Ann Kelley Simmons, Ralph Simmons, Jane Riddle Richter, Roy Godfrey, Holden Ball, Dixie Ervin Ball, Arlene Mealey Hickman, Jearld V. Moran, Virginia Moran, Lillian Brown Stalnaker, Jason Saunders, Teresa Saunders, Danny Heater, Carol Heater, Wanda Bragg Bender, Arnold Bender, Pattie Helmick, Ann Carson Singleton, Barbara Carson Brenwald, Marica Saluk, Kenneth Bosley, Shirley Bosley, Rose Buckhannon Hefner, Cathryn Skinner Littell, Stephanie Baker, Cherie Baker, Sierra Baker, Tessie M. McGinnis, George McGinnis, Susan Duncan Burroughs, Leland McCauley, Sue Singleton Earlenbaugh, Leo Earlenbaugh, Brenda Adkins, Peggy Ann Wiant Hardman, Bob Hardman, Linda McCauley Moore, Robert Moore, Robert Knight, Wanda McLaughlin Zolla, Vinsen Post, Evelyn Post, Zack Flint, Ernie Baker, Betsy Post, David Baker, Melanie Montane, Christina Hunt, Sandra Mayse Plumlee, Darwin K. Pumlee, Beverly Perrine Putman, Steve Putman, Bayward Butler, Kandee Johnson, Martha Belle Brown Taylor, Lewis E. Wine, Mary Pritt Wine, Jack Dean, Shirley William Cogar, Teddy Cogar, Pamela Post Stewart, Harold G. Stewart, Patsy Morrison Reckart, Timothy Crutchfield, Janette Cosner Crutchfield, Dustin Crutchfield, Tonya Nicholson Shaver, Peggy McCauley Nicholson, Mildred Carson Singleton, Don Singleton, Rondal Wine, Candy Wine, John Moran, John Kidd, Roberta Singleton Butler, Bernard Butler, Esther Prunty Blake, Carl Ray Blake, Sharon Armentrout Weaver, Walter Godfrey, Patty Scarfaro, Mae McClain Johnson, Sammy McClain, Eleanor McClain Reese, Kenny Henline, Judy Mealey Ramsey, Lonnie Ramsey, Jack Bosley, Betty Mallett, Eloise Williams Everette, David Everette and Bill McKnight.   The evening was enjoyed by all.


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