Minutes of the Kanawha Alumni Association
January 17, 2016 Meeting
The meeting of the Kanawha Alumni Association was called to order by President Tom Crutchfield at 1:45 p.m.

Members present were:  Tom Crutchfield, Lamona Casto, Tammy Brown, Donna Singleton, Sharon Brady, Dustin Crutchfield, Shirley Lloyd, Paul Peck, Butch McPherson and Deanna Stewart.


Deanna reported that a shadow box from the Alumni Center was still broken.  She hopes to replace the glass with plexiglass and put wires on the back of all pictures.
Donna Singleton has 44 recipes for the cookbook already and many more promised.  It was decided to get a hard cover with a spiral.  We can get a customized cover.  Donna showed us a mockup of a possible cover.  She will call and clarify and confirm all the terms.

Using the postmark was discussed.  We have to write a letter to the Post Master.  Margret will get with Shila again.  It was last used in 1999.

Debbie Steele gave Deanna a 1925 yearbook for the Alumni Center.

Lamona Casto suggested selling shirts and cookbooks at Baptist Women's bake sale on Saturday.

Deanna, Donna and Carla Conley walked in the Christmas parade with a wagon carrying Donna's granddaughter, Jasmine--they gave out KAA information about cookbooks--while representing the Skate Park Committee.

In the gym, servers will take trays to tables--in cafeteria, will go through the serving line--throw away trays in the gym, real trays in the cafeteria.  Desserts on a spare cart to push around in the gym.  Dustin will try to borrow a cart from GSC with insulation capability to take food from kitchen to gym.  There was a suggestion about getting large jars to prepare iced tea in advance.
Servers will be recruited from the current Burnsville School 6th graders--must be BS students, not descendants of Burnsville Alumni.

Donna has an envelope for each category of recipe.  Dustin has put a reminder in the newspaper--has been in Pat's Chat--Pat Ridpath has e-mailed them to Margret Willey.

Shirley Lloyd gave the Treasurer's report--balance $601.80--so moved [M/ s Donna Singleton/Sharon Brady]
It was decided to prepare a letter to send to Royce Steele at Calhoun Bank to request a donation for scholarships.
Butch will share information about parade procedures with Donna Singleton.  Some discussion of parade entries. It was decided to invite both the middle school band ($100 donation) and high school band ($200 donation). [M / s Butch McPherson/Sharon Brady]
Carla Conley is to refurbish our flower baskets.
Deanna Stewart said that there has not been a good time to ask students questions on school history.  The bulletin board is getting damaged.  She and Donna has a new idea--take home questions in the school newsletter and give prizes for the class with the most correct responses.
February 14 was approved for the next meeting. [M / s Paul Peck/Sharon Brady]
The meeting was adjourned at 2:44 p.m. [M / s Deanna Stewart/Sharon Brady]
Read and approved:
Paul Peck
Recording Secretary of the Kanawha Alumni Association


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