Minutes of the Kanawha Alumni Association

January 18, 2015 Meeting

  The January meeting of the Kanawha Alumni Association was called to order by KAA President Tom Crutchfield at 2:15 p.m. in the computer lab at the Burnsville Elementary School.  The members present were:  Tom Crutchfield, Dustin Crutchfield, Lamona Casto, Deanna Stewart, Donna Singleton, Shirley Lloyd, Tammy Brown, and Paul Peck. 

Continuing Business
The KAA reviewed the draft minutes of the November 16, 2014 meeting as an outline for discussing continuing business.
Margret Willey had given a web site address to Deanna Stewart for a site at which wedges could be purchased.  Deanna already had one quote for $127.  If we purchase a wedge, it will be kept with other Kanawha Alumni Association supplies and equipment when not in use.  After discussion, the consensus was to continue with the project of getting a wedge for use adjacent to the gymnasium.  Deanna Stewart will measure the area again and she will also get three estimates to report to the KAA.
Tammy Brown did not know if the tables with the black handles belonged to the Kanawha Alumni Association or to the school.  Tom Crutchfield said that the Kanawha Alumni Association will brand the new ones.
Tom Crutchfield will contact Jack Bosley about replacing the screw in the bench in front of the library.
Paul Peck and Tom Crutchfield will ask Dee Dee Herron about resuming the use of the library for meetings of the Kanawha Alumni Association.  It was noted that the Kanawha Alumni Association had recently received a note of thanks from the library for its continued support of the library.
Secretary Paul Peck will check to confirm that the authorized letter was sent to Brandi Drake and will send another letter to her.
Shirley Lloyd gave the Treasurer's Report for November 2014 and December 2014.  The opening balance in November was $3,436.37.  Bill to Mon Power for $9.35 was paid; Debbie McPherson was $340.32 for reimbursement for two doors for the stage; interest of $0.27 was received from City National Bank.  Closing balance was $3,086.97.  In December, bill to Mon Power for $5.15 was paid; City National Bank was paid $24.38 for Safe Deposit Box rent for one year; and interest of $0.26 was received from City National Bank.  The closing balance was $3,057.70.
Tom Crutchfield asked about the contents of the KAA's Safe Deposit box.  Paul Peck asked about the signatories on the Bank's record for the box.  The Kanawha Alumni Association approved a motion to approve the treasurer's report. [Deanna Stewart/Lamona Casto]
Tom Crutchfield suggested that we interview the recipients for scholarship awards.  He suggested that we gain valuable information concerning the recipients and the procedures by conducting the interviews even when the number of candidates are small.
Shirley Lloyd raised concerns with the Endowment Fund.  She noted that the balance was currently $6,426.  She wants the Association to consider using part of this fund to use for larger scholarships or that the Association not request donations for the endowment fund.  She thought that the second option would probably result in more donations being made to the Association's Scholarship Fund.
After some discussion, the Association approved a motion to table the matter until the next meeting [Paul Peck/Shirley Lloyd]
Noting a suggestion for recruiting servers in the minutes, Deanna Stewart asked why the suggestion had been to recruit seventh graders.  In response, someone noted that the idea had been to get servers who had worked previously.  Deanna thinks that we need new servers and suggested that we recruit a few more 5th and/or 6th graders if additional servers are needed.  The Kanawha Alumni Association approved a motion to recruit only 5th and 6th graders as servers.  [M/s Tammy Brown/Donna Singleton]  For the record, it was noted that the Kanawha Alumni Association will be paying this year's servers $25, giving them a t-shirt, and providing a meal at the banquet.  A brief discussion followed concerning possible servers and how to select them.
The minutes had noted that Johnny Wine, Class of 1956 was gravely ill at the time of the meeting.  Shirley Lloyd noted that he is doing well now.
Tom Crutchfield encouraged participation from the Classes of 1945, 1955, 1965, and 1975.  He asked Deanna Stewart and Donna Singleton to try to organize participation by the Class of 1975.
Deanna Stewart and Paul Peck gave updates concerning Margret Willey.  After surgery and a total of 25 days in the hospital, Margret is recovering.  She hopes to be released to drive after her next doctor's visit on February 12 and plans to be at our next meeting.  Later in the meeting, Tom Crutchfield asked the Kanawha Alumni Association to be thinking of ways that Margret could be assisted in carrying out her KAA work while she is recovering.
Tom Crutchfield gave a report that he had received from KAA Vice President Butch McPherson. Butch, Jerry Wilson, and Carl Ray Blake put up the doors at the stage.  Butch had also gotten a quote of $150/hour from a DJ at Clarksburg for alumni evening music.  He had not yet received a quote from a DJ in Buckhannon whom he had contacted.  He told Tom that he would also contact other DJs.
Tom Crutchfield extended condolences to Lamona Casto whose sister Debra Elmore had died recently.
The minutes of the November 16, 2014, meeting were approved as read [M/s Shirley Lloyd/Deanna Stewart]
Tom Crutchfield mentioned that Mike McCoy is organizing a fundraising project for the K of P (Knights of Pythias) cemetery.  Tom is the caretaker for the cemetery.  He has been identifying the former Burnsville educators who are buried in that cemetery.  His list included:  Augustine Hyer Wiant 1909-1986, Thomas Edward Crutchfield 1915-1996, Ida Clay Stockert Crutchfield 1889-1967, Penny Crutchfield Ramsey 1951-1996, Harry Wiant 1919-1981, Laura Belle Crutchfield 1918-1998, Virgil O. Dolly 1904-1951, Autumn Amos, W. W. Kelley 1906-1984, George Dudley Goodrich 1908-1994, Marian H. Shreve 1924-1986, Edith Bowyer Mayse 1912-2001, Vic Berry 1911-1978, Mary Trimble Berry 1919-1994, Roma Hefner, Mabel Chrissman [check spelling].  The Kanawha Alumni Association may publicize the fundraising project.
The Kanawha Alumni Association then turned to selection  of its annual theme.
Deanna Stewart and Donna Singleton had begun planning for possible decorations to be associated with each theme.  Deanna also noted that each theme is a song title. [She sang a few lines of "Photographs and memories" for those who were not familiar with that song.  Based upon preliminary voting at an earlier meeting, the choices had been narrowed to the following four: 
"Be True to Your School"
"We Will Have These Moments to Remember"
"If I Could Turn Back Time"
"Photographs and Memories"
Each person present voted for one of the choices on ballots that Deanna had prepared and turned them in to Deanna for counting.
Deanna Stewart suggested that we ask David Parmer to donate a set of his books on local history to raffle for the benefit of the Kanawha Alumni Association.
Tom Crutchfield reminded the Association that we will need to select Bruin Award recipient(s) and a parade marshal.  Deanna Stewart mentioned that we need to get the rest of the recognition banners up in the gymnasium.
The Kanawha Alumni Association decided to ask David Parmer and Barbara Jeffries Parmer to be our 2015 parade marshals.  Nyal and JoAnn Jefferies, last year's parade marshals had kept the magnetic sign place on their car.  The Kanawha Alumni Association decided to get a plaque for marshals to have as a memento of their participation.
Deanna Stewart announced that "Be True to Your School" had been selected as our 2015 theme.
Dustin Crutchfield asked if a solution had been found to the problem of the tables in the cafeteria.  After some discussion, it was decided that Deanna Stewart will get quotes for delivery and set up of tables for the evening of the banquet which are more accessible to mature adults than the cafeteria's existing tables.  Several members of the Kanawha Alumni Association planned to go to the cafeteria after the adjournment of the meeting for a closer look at the situation.
Tom Crutchfield asked about the parade route for the KAA's parade. [The context for this question is that the Town's parade route for the Christmas parade had been changed this year to avoid interfering with traffic exiting the Interstate.]  The Kanawha Alumni Association decided to continue to use our historic parade route.
Tom Crutchfield plans for school award winners have photographs taken with the Bruin.
Deanna Stewart told us about preparing bulletin boards on Burnsville history at the school.  This activity is designed to promote pride in the school and community.  On the way to our meeting room she showed us the bulletin board featuring Jamie Summerlin and his run across America.  Classes are quizzed on the bulletin boards during lunch time.  She asked the Kanawha Alumni Association to buy something to recognize the class that does the best on the quizzes.  The consensus was that the Kanawha Alumni Association would participate as requested.
The next meeting of the Kanawha Alumni Association will be on February 15, 2015.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m. [Deanna Stewart/Donna Singleton]
Read and approved.
Paul Peck
Recording Secretary of the Kanawha Alumni Association 
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