Minutes of the March 14, 2009 Meeting of the Kanawha Alumni Association


The meeting of the Kanawha Alumni Association was called to order by Association President David Parmer at 2:00 p. m. in the Burnsville School cafeteria.


Those in attendance were

·         David Parmer

·         Barbara Parmer

·         Dustin Crutchfield

·         Russell McClain

·         Linda Moore

·         Paul Peck

·         Margret Willey

·         Larry Wine.


Secretary Paul Peck read the minutes of the February 28, 2009 meeting. Russell McClain noted that Jo Ann Smith had not spoken for the band and this reference was corrected in the minutes. He suggested that the PTO might be interested in moving and cleaning chairs and tables or that we might contact someone else associated with the band. Russ also noted that he would make his timeshare available if the K. A. A. would pay his $250 maintenance fee for the time share. This was added to the minutes. The minutes were then approved. [M/s Margret Willey/ Russell McClain]


Margret Willey will check with the band regarding moving chairs and also about participating in the parade. If the band doesn’t want to move chairs, she will contact the PTO about doing that.


Margret Willey reported that our profit on the timeshare raffle in 2007 was $195 and in 2008 it was $162.50. Further, the Friday Night Event committee was not interested in participating in the raffle this year. The K. A. A. decided not to hold the timeshare raffle in 2009.


Margret Willey reported that Paul Bragg had not contacted his group yet about playing for the square dancing.


Larry Wine reported on his conversation with Roy McDougal. Roy wants the K. A. A. tax number. He would charge us $45/ month--$540 for a year—to rent one of his storage units but would then return to the K. A. A. a $420.00 donation. Thus, our net rent for the first year would be $10 per month. If we wish to rent a unit, we should contact Rob Singleton. If we rent a unit, Roy wants us to use one of those in the back of his facility. Larry also reported that the Baptist Women will have a hot dog/bake sale at the playground after the parade to raise money for the Relay for Life program.

He noted that Homer Gibson will not be available to preach the Alumni

Sermon. He will contact Tony Conrad as the next choice for the sermon. Dixie Graff will do the auction; however, he has not been able to contact Darwin Plumlee to see if he will assist Dixie as he did so successfully last year. He noted that Cherry Dale Ramsey’s mother-in-law had just died; thus Cherry Dale couldn’t attend today’s meeting but she will help us.


Paul Peck reported that the Burnsville United Methodist Women would serve soft drinks and light refreshments during the parade as they had done last year. They will also prepare a Continental breakfast on the morning of the Alumni Sermon if the sermon is preached at the Methodist church.


Margret reported that the Friday Night Event committee had prepared 1,200 flyers to mail with the K. A. A. mailing. Margret will contact the school custodian to see if he will work for us as he did last year. Larry Wine will contact Jennings Dancy to see if he will participate in the business meeting program as he did last year.


The possible need to rent a tent in order to conduct the business meeting outdoors was discussed. David Parmer mentioned $580 as an amount that had been quoted to him for renting a suitable tent. Larry Wine will contact Bill McKnight for possible options for a tent.


The K. A. A. decided not to adopt a theme for this year.


Russell McClain suggested that we set up the tables and chairs on Thursday this year instead of Friday.


Margret Willey will ask Shirley Lloyd for the tax number.


The K. A. A. discussed where to store the class composite pictures during the school renovation. Margret indicated that Carl Ray and Ester Blake would store them for us. Paul Peck reported that he has not yet spoken with the Administrative Council of the Burnsville United Methodist Church about storing the smaller trophy case in the church’s basement.


Past honorees will select the Alumni of the Year honorees after the next meeting.

Margret Willey reported that the Burnsville area seniors have been identified and the letters to inform them of the K. A. A. scholarships have been prepared.


The Treasurer was unable to attend but she had sent information to Margret to report. Our checking account balance on February 28 was $10,972.19 and the Endowment Fund balance was $2,355.00 on the same date. Our CD 550-0009116 with the United Bank had a balance of $1,707.24.


Margret will organize the mailing of our information bulletin and reservation form including the Friday Night Event flyer.


The next meeting was scheduled for Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 2:00 p. m. at the Burnsville School cafeteria.


The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p. m. [M/s Russell McClain/Paul Peck]


Read and approved

Paul Peck, Secretary

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