Minutes of the Kanawha Alumni Association
May 3, 2015 Meeting
The meeting of the Kanawha Alumni Association was called to order by KAA President Tom Crutchfield at 2:05 p.m. in the Burnsville Public Library. The members present were Sharon Brady, Paul Bragg, Tammy Brown, Tom Crutchfield, Lamona Casto, Shirley Lloyd, Butch McPherson, Paul Peck, Deanna Stewart, and Margret Willey.
Continuing Business
Shirley Lloyd read a thank you card from the Burnsville Public Library.
The KAA reviewed the draft minutes of the April 19, 2015 meeting as an outline for discussing continuing business.

Tom Crutchfield will take care of posting a warning of the gap hazard in the gymnasium.

Butch McPherson reported that the stage door had been waterproofed.
The secretary still needs to prepare a letter to Brandy Drake.
Tom Crutchfield updated information on the servers:  Chandler Herron and Nicole Helmick have been added to the servers, while Cassie Drake has been removed.  There are now 10 servers.  Tom Crutchfield will get t-shirt sizes for the servers.  Deanna Stewart will prepare permission slips for the parents of the servers to complete.
The KAA will not use vases on the tables for decorations; streamers will be used instead.

The 2014-2015 Necrology was reviewed; Margret had found several birth and death dates.  The graduation year is needed for each of the following:  Madge Strader Brown, Crystal Dean, Rebecca Pardue, Paul Skinner, and Shirley Ernest Steele.

Paul Peck e-mailed David Parmer an invitation for David and his wife, Barbara Jeffries Parmer, to be the KAA 2015 Parade Marshals.
There was more discussion of what to do concerning tables and chairs; the KAA will decide after seeing reservation totals.

Tom Crutchfield has secured one easel already.

Shirley Lloyd reported that Dixie Graff will be our auctioneer; he may get Darwin Plumlee to assist.

Margret Willey will confirm schedule of workers for the check-in door.

Margret Willey took the names of seniors to Barbara Godwin for consideration for the Godwin Scholarship.

Lamona Casto will be added to signatories for the safe deposit box [M/s Margret Willey/Butch McPherson]

The KAA then reviewed the to-do list.

Tom Crutchfield will see that the mowing is done.

Tom Crutchfield and Lamona Casto have selected the Bruin Award winner

The past recipients have selected the alumni of the year award winners.

Butch McPherson has contacted the new BCHS band director, Brittney Lott, and she knows our expectations for the band.  He will also contact any veterans who want to march in the parade.

Paul Peck read the following message from Dustin Crutchfield:
         "Mr. Peck:  I won't be able to attend this Sunday's meeting. If you will be there and wouldn't mind, please share my update with the group.
      --the meeting notices were sent to the local papers
      --after giving it some thought, we might want to see if the school cooks are ok with us using their cafeteria trays 
      for the
 upstairs dinner.  I think they may be more stable than the foam ones as we try to hand them to  who      
      are already 
      --my sister Cortney will again be volunteering to wash dishes
      Let me know if anything comes up at the meeting that I may need to work on.
      --Thanks, Dustin"
The KAA discussed Dustin's suggestion regarding trays.  It was suggested that we might use stainless steel carts to move the trays.  Paul Peck was to ask Dustin if Cortney is willing to wash trays as this may take a long time.
Tom Crutchfield will ask for nominations for officers from the floor during the meeting.

Tom discussed signs and easels.  He will place one informational sign at the alcove entrance.  Deanna Stewart asked what kind of signs.  Tom was planning and suggested that Donna Singleton make them or design them if were getting them from WalMart.

There was additional discussion of tables and chairs, specifically concerning what could be done with the bench tables in the cafeteria and with attempts made to remember what we had done with them last year.  Tammy Brown and Deanna Stewart went to the cafeteria to check on the tables.

Tom Crutchfield will dismiss alumni from the auditorium by years of graduation, with the oldest alumni leaving first.

Margret Willey is to ask Alan Strader about air conditioning controls.
The following slate of nominees was chosen:
      President:                  Tom Crutchfield
      Vice President:         No nomination
      General Secretary:   Margret Willey 
      Recording Secretary:   Paul Peck
      Treasurer:                  Shirley Lloyd
      Assistant Treasurer:   Lamona Casto
Butch McPherson did not wish to serve again as Vice President.  Dustin Crutchfield was suggested as a candidate for Vice President.  Butch McPherson and Paul Peck will ask him if he is willing to be nominated.

The KAA approved a motion to approve the minutes of the April 19, 2015 meeting as corrected. [M/s Shirley Lloyd/Margret Willey]

Shirley Lloyd suggested that the KAA sell drinks at the dance.  It was decided that the KAA will assemble drinks, including tea left over from the banquet, but we will not sell the drinks.

Margret Willey reviewed the program.

Paul Peck reported that Michael Morrison had requested that the KAA give some recognition to the career of Alfred McCauley, BHS Class of 1932. Paul had reported information on Alfred McCauley to the KAA at its May 4, 2014 meeting but no recognition of Alfred's achievements had been made at the 2014 meeting.

Butch McPherson said that the KAA should put our advertising in newspapers every week until the banquet.  Paul Peck is to tell Dustin Crutchfield that we want to do so.

Margret Willey will again get the permit from the West Virginia Department of Transportation to hang the welcoming banner.  Ronnie Drake and Dave Carson will again be in charge of placing flags along the parade route.

Butch McPherson discussed participation of veterans in the parade:  there are 11 active members of the VFW post; only three regularly attend meetings.  The VFW members keep the post going in order to permit the Ladies Auxiliary--which as several active members--to retain its charter.

After returning from the cafeteria, Deanna Stewart and Tammy Brown reported that we will not be able to fold up the bench seating at the cafeteria tables in order to place chairs at the tables for easier seating.

The KAA approved giving donation to Sandy Conrad for $100 for ink cartridges. [M/s Lamona Casto/Sharon Brady]

Those in attendance were reminded that the next regular meeting of the Kanawha Alumni Association was scheduled for May 17, 2015.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:25 p.m. [M/s Lamona Casto/Sharon Brady]
Read and approved:

Paul Peck

Recording Secretary of the Kanawha Alumni Association
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