The last week in July, 2012, volunteers of the Kanawha Alumni Association (KAA) started rebuilding the outdoor stage at the Burnsville Elementary School.  Materials from the old stage were salvaged for future use.  The footers were dug by the Town of Burnsville, blocks were laid on the new foundation, and a concrete floor was poured.  

   The new stage is now facing the pavilions.  The main front roof beam, rafters, and roof were installed by Darrell Brown and his Outpost Construction crew.  Funds were acquired to complete the back wall, lighting, and roof installation.  A special thanks for the countless hours of volunteer work, the lunches that were provided by different members, and to those who donated money.  A community effort has definitely been shown.  

   To those of you that have donated, we are truly grateful for your contributions.  The completion of the new stage will benefit the school and various community organizations in the Town of Burnsville and surrounding areas.  If you would like to contribute for the upkeep of the stage, send your donations to the Kanawha Alumni Association, P.O. Box 324, Burnsville, West Virginia 26335. 
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