Minutes of the November 29, 2010 meeting of the Kanawha Alumni Association


The Kanawha Alumni Association met at the Burnsville Public Library at 7:00 p. m. on November 29 for a regular meeting.


Those in attendance were

·         KAA President Tom Crutchfield

·         Sherri Brown

·         Carl Ray Blake

·         Esther Blake

·         Shirley Lloyd

·         Paul Peck

·         Margret Willey.


Tom Crutchfield showed the group a portion of the restored Crutchfield family home movies. These movies include many scenes from life in Burnsville and activities and students at Burnsville School in the late 1940’s and 50’s. It is anticipated that the movies will be used as part of the “Old School—New School” themes for this year’s alumni gathering.


The minutes of the October 31, 2010 meeting were read and approved. [M/s Paul Peck/ Margret Willey]


The Treasurer reported balances to September 30, 2010.

The checking account balance on September 30 was $9,545.98.


aul Peck reported that there had been no progress on submitting the IRS 990 report. He also reported that he had given Barbara Brown Wilson’s address to Margret Willey. [Barbara had become an honorary member by taking of the Alumni Oath at the Spring 2010 meeting.] Paul noted that Barbara would have graduated with the class of 1957 if her family had remained in Burnsville.


KAA President Tom Crutchfield reported that Billy Rose now doesn’t know if his group will perform or not.


The KAA had a lengthy discussion of the role of the “servers” for the Banquet. The servers will carry trays for older guests, will get refills for drinks, and will clear tables.

A suggestion was made to hire rising seniors from Braxton County High School as servers. A motion was approved to hire six servers and to pay them $20.00 each. [Shirley Lloyd/ Sherri Brown]


Margret Willey will send a thank you card to Bill McKnight.


Sherri Brown reported on the idea of sending a Christmas greeting card to KAA members. Shila, the Burnsville Postmaster, needs at least two weeks to order cards. The cards would then need to be labeled. Sherri said that in order to do a Christmas mailing, we would need to order the cards by November 1. The KAA will revisit this idea next year. Carl Ray Blake suggested that we might consider sending a card to members after the holiday season. A suggestion was made that we might have the cards preprinted. The printer in Weston who has been preparing our Alumni Program bulletins was suggested as a possibility for this work.


The KAA decided that we want to have an auction as part of our alumni meeting this year.


Shirley Lloyd will talk to Carol Dean regarding the use of the community building when Carol’s reunion class is not using it.


Carl Ray and Esther Blake will invite Mr. Hoskins, the new principal of Burnsville School, to attend our next meeting. It was suggested that the KAA invite him to become an honorary member.


The KAA deferred a decision on the love seat and computer desk which Russell McClain has offered to donate for the alumni room until consultation with Deanna Stewart.


Margret Willey reported that the KAA will settle our storage bill with Roy McDougal when all of our “stuff” is out. We still have three totes and five filing cabinets in storage.


KAA President Tom Crutchfield reported on a meeting of the Harvest Festival Committee. Different groups have different ideas concerning what needs to be done for the stage. The KAA still wants to receive an estimate from Darrell Brown for the remodeling which had originally been proposed. The group discussed the key to the electric box which Margret had loaned to Pam Wine before the Harvest Festival. Sherri Brown suggested that KAA President Tom Crutchfield ask for our key at a future meeting of the Harvest Festival Committee; he agreed to do so.


New business


Carl Ray Blake reported on a cart for hauling chairs and a rack for storing chairs which he has built. [Margret Willey had reported on this project at the September 26 meeting.]

The cart will enable the KAA to use the newly installed school elevator in moving its chairs and tables. The materials for the construction cost $245.35; Carl Ray donated his labor. The KAA approved a motion to reimburse Carl Ray Blake $245.35 for his expenses in constructing the cart and rack. [M/s Sherri Brown /Paul Peck]


Carl Ray then reported that he and Esther had made seven pictures for Burnsville High School classes which had not previously had class pictures and had made repairs to some others—the classes of 1915, 1922, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1932, 935, 1936, 1937, and 1938 were mentioned. He also reminded the KAA that Elizabeth McLaughlin Stewart had donated a picture of her mother’s graduating class to the KAA which she wants to be displayed in the Alumni Room.


Work is continuing on preparing a list of all Braxton County High School graduates from the Burnsville area.


The next meeting of the KAA was scheduled for 2:00 p. m., Sunday, January 16, 2011, at the Burnsville Public Library.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 p. m.

Read and approved:

Paul Peck,

Recording Secretary of the KAA


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