Minutes of the Kanawha Alumni Association

October 25, 2015 Meeting

The Kanawha Alumni Association met on Sunday, October 25, 2015, at the Burnsville Public Library.  Members present were Dustin Crutchfield, Tom Crutchfield, Shirley Lloyd, Paul Peck, Donna Singleton and Margret Willey.  KAA President Tom Crutchfield called the meeting to order at 1:45 p.m.

Tom Crutchfield read the draft minutes of the September 20, 2015 meeting as a guide to conducting the old business for this meeting.


Donna Singleton reported that the Alumni bulletin board will remain in the cafeteria rather than being moved.  She reported that the updating of the website continues.  Information concerning the 1988 and 1989 reunions have been posted on the website.


Tom Crutchfield will again be in charge of recruiting the servers this year.


Dustin Crutchfield thinks that he and Donna Singleton will be able to create a Facebook page for the KAA.  We will use some items from the website there and we will have a link to the website. 


Donna Singleton discussed the financial aid workshop that is held at Braxton County High School in January of each year.  She plans to attend the 2016 workshop in order to publicize the KAA scholarship program to students from the Burnsville area.  Donna told us that she and Deanna are now referring to the Alumni Room in the school balcony as the Alumni Center.  Information concerning the Alumni Center project has been added to the projects page on the website ( www.bhskaa.com).
Another use for Facebook and the website was discussed:  Items that will be auctioned can be shown and/or described on Facebook and the website.  Minimum bid amounts can also be designated.  It was also suggested that items to be auctioned might be displayed in the downstairs hall before the business meeting.  The KAA might also choose to auction some of the items by "silent auction."


Butch McPherson and his brother Jerry have completed the painting of the stage.


Donna Singleton reported that she and Deanna Stewart want to recreate the Burnsville Taxi Stand on the stage this year.  Margret Willey took the broken shadow box from the Alumni Center to Carl Ray Blake for repair.  Deanna and Donna had cleaned the mold on items in the Alumni Center; Donna reported that there had been no recurrence of mold on the items.


The closet where the KAA tables and flowers are kept has not yet been worked on.  Margret Willey told Donna Singleton to let her know when Donna and Deanna want to work on it as she has a key.


Donna Singleton showed us a cookbook prepared for the middle school as a fundraiser.  She had contact information for the company that had prepared it.  Dustin Crutchfield had an estimate from GSC Print Shop for preparing cookbooks for us.  It is likely that each cookbook would be printed for less than $6.00


The KAA discussed preparing a reunion quilt.  It was noted that we will need really good photographs if we are to make a quilt.  Shirley Lloyd described a quilt that one alum had made for his reunion class.


The KAA approved a motion to start future meetings at 1:30 p.m. [M/s Margret Willey/Shirley Lloyd].  Our next meeting will be held on November 22, 2015.  Donna Singleton asked us to think about the theme for this year's reunion prior to that meeting.
Paul Peck read an email from Debbie McPherson regarding servers and serving needs.  Paul had received this email in response to the minutes from the September 20 meeting.  Some discussion followed.  Dustin Crutchfield will try to borrow an insulated cart from Glenville State College to put in the gym to help keep food warm and to have more food available.  He would probably locate the cart behind the serving table.  Dustin will also work in the gymnasium this year.  Both Tom Crutchfield and Dustin Crutchfield think that 10 servers will be enough this year.

Tom Crutchfield said that the cooks would like to see guests come through the serving line since they enjoy the interaction with many of them.  The KAA, however, still plans to seat all attendees and serve them at the tables after they are seated.  We will also use Styrofoam plates again.


Shirley Lloyd reported that she had written one check in October for paint for the stage.  Shirley also reported that the KAA earned $1.76 interest from one of its CDs.  She did not have printed copies of the Treasurer's Report with her.  Paul Peck asked her for a printed copy of the July report also.  Shirley will bring these copies to the next meeting.


The KAA approved the minutes of the September 20 meeting with one addition.  [M/s Dustin Crutchfield/Donna Singleton]
The KAA approved a motion to being the cookbook project by authorizing Donna Singleton to seek recipes from former students at Burnsville School.  [M/s Paul Peck/Donna Singleton]
The KAA received a thank card from Shayne Heater for his 2015 $500 scholarship.  He has completed his air conditioning and refrigeration training and has received his certificates in these areas.
Secretary Paul Peck asked about the KAA's decision regarding Brandy Drake's scholarship.  The KAA decided not to take any action against Brandy in an attempt to recover a refund of the $500 scholarship.  As a result of this situation, our procedures have been changed and scholarship payments are not made directly to the schools on behalf of the student.  KAA President Tom Crutchfield characterized the situation as a "live and learn" one.
The meeting was then adjourned.
Read and approved:


Paul Peck

Recording Secretary of the Kanawha Alumni Association

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